Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A quiz from Insanity....

Reveal What Is Your Most Embarrassing Moment?

Are you kidding? It's embarrasing - why would I print that here? Well, in first grade we had this horrible teacher that hated kids. She was like 100 years old and I don't know that she liked anyone. If she was reading to us during reading time and someone was bleeding (seriously) she wouldn't let us go see the school nurse until she was done. Not that the school nurse did much for us anyway - but that's a blog I'm sure everyone will find amusing later on. Anyway, one day she got mad at me and refused to let me go use the bathroom. I think I'd been in class for most of the day. It was after lunch, but before school was out and I really had to go. Her hatred for kids got me a seat in isolation at the back of the room when I raised my hand and asked. Well, I had to go really bad, and I mean really bad. After waiting...and waiting...and waiting...I decided I could let a little out here and there. Not realizing this would start something that couldn't be finished - I was shortly in a pool. The teacher wanted to make sure I learned my lesson. The next morning my dad came down to talk to her and said "I'm gonna start taking days off and watching how you teach from outside your windows and I'm not going to tell you which days it will be." She apologized to me in front of the class the next day and for about the next month the principal stopped in to see how we were doing and none of us ever knew why.

What Band/Singer You Would Never Admit Listening to?

Well, my music tastes are so mixed I think I still listen to everyone I used to listen to - except for maybe the New Kids on the Block that my neighbor made me listen to in sixth grade.

What is The Cheesiest Movie You Could Watch Over & Over Again?

Probably serendipity. My wife loves it and I think Kate Beckinsale is hot so that's about as cheesey of a repeat of as I get.

Which Superhero would you be?

The Hulk or Spiderman - or a combination of both.

Which Movie Character Do You Most Identify With?

I’m not sure I have a movie character that I most identify with. I can usually relate to awkward, clumsy, goofy, silly characters.

What Book Would You Recommend?

The one my wife got me for Christmas about the Rookie that was turned in to the Disney movie with Dennis Quaid.

What is the Last Dream you remember?

Strangely it was crashing a car. I was driving my dad's old red truck and trying to get it in a certain spot in the driveway and kept missing. I fell asleep at the wheel and felt the car roll down the driveway - then I woke up.

What is Your Favorite Board Game?

Trivial Pursuit.

What is Your Unusual Talent?

I can bend my forefinger down to touch my wrists - the back side of them. I can also do a back flip, but that's not that unusual.

If you could be any animal, which one would you be and why?

An Eagle because no one can shoot you and you can still fly.

I'll go with Insanity and not tag anyone to do the quiz. It was kinda fun.


Wow! You can do a backflip!? I want to see a picture of that!
posted by Blogger Insanity Infusion at 11:17 AM  
Sure I can. I can probably make that picture happen as well, but I must warn you I'll be in costume as I was doing a play when I learned to do it.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 3:48 PM  

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