Monday, May 02, 2005's settled. I'm a dork.

So, I was looking at my travel schedule here for work and realized a couple of weeks ago that I was going to be out of town for the Episode III premier. I've seen all of these movies with my friends here in town and we've all gone as a big group. They asked the other day if I needed a ticket and I said "Nope, I bought mine out of town." They were shocked. Thanks to I now have my tickets reserved for Episode III in another state 25 miles from where I'm staying. Does this make me a dork? Yes, I think it does. Either way, I'm seeing Episode III on opening day and I'm pumped. If it works out that I end up going to Jeff and Mary's after all - I think we'll go see it again that next week because quite honestly they're dorks too. We're all Star Wars dorks - everyone wants to see this one. This is the movie that ties it all together and I can't wait. 17 days and counting...


Dork? Perhaps not. However if you get dressed up in Storm Trooper gear or have you light saber out and are beating people over the head with it, yes you qualify as a dork. I'm sure you've seen these people. We have some that work here (I'm ashamed to admit) and they all are at the theatre on opening nights. Of course my wife will be all dressed up for the new Harry Potter book in July, so I guess I'm not total excused from this madness!
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No, not quite the dress up guy. I may even wear a Nascar shirt to the premier just for kicks. Every time I think of it I remember triumph the insult dog from David Letterman when he did the Episode II premier in NY - that was funny.
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