Saturday, July 09, 2005

So, Milton. What's happening?

As I mentioned earlier Milton3P0 stays on the computer a lot. When I try to use it for work, he pouts and wants to know when he can get back on it. I am doing work on it and trying to get this thing up and running and since he's pretty useless to me I don't feel bad about not letting him use the computer. Yesterday as soon as I got up from the seat he was headed that way. I should tell you that this guy is more than six feet tall and probably weighs 300lbs. Well, I was waiting on some phone calls and fixing some lights we had go out and walked by the computer as he was using it. He was on two different singles networks - which is good I guess - but they were called "Large and Lovely" and "Big and Beautiful." I didn't know to laugh or what so I just didn't say anything. He was on it for probably an hour on those two sites. Then when he gets off the computer he clears out the history and closes everything down. I believe Chas hit it on the head when she called him a social retard. My Dad got to meet him yesterday and said "Getting called Sir every five seconds gets old real quick." Milton3P0 leaves us for grad school next week so I'll have the computer back soon.

In other news, we saw Fantastic Four last night. It was great. It was still no Batman Begins, but that movie is going to be very hard to live up to this summer. Everybody was well suited for their role and the movie was very well done. It was well worth the price of admission so I'd pay $8 to see it again if the wife would let me. She still needs to see Episode III while it's in theaters, but she doesn't seem to want to budge on that one. Anyway, if you like comic book movies, you'll really like Fantastic Four. Next week we have Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Wedding Crashers - I can't wait! Have a good weekend!


Just got back from Fantastic Four. Good movie, but not exactly what I was expecting. I'm hoping that they will make another one. And since you've been talking up Bateman I'm going to break down and go see it while it's in the theatre. Have to see it now.
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 6:44 PM  
I knew your blog would be great for having stories I could catch up on after being on vacation. Milton3PO is absolutely cracking me up! I'd say he stands a pretty solid chance of being single forever. Just a hunch.
posted by Blogger Boonzie at 1:59 PM  
Yes boonzie, I would say he does. Poor guy, or poor sir - whichever.

Christian, you'll love Batman. If you liked Fantastic Four, you'll love Batman. It's great.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 3:28 PM  
I plan on going to it this weekend...or perhaps the weekend after when the wife is gone and I'm bored out of my head!
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 12:11 PM  

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