Sunday, July 24, 2005

The things you learn from Blog Patrol

So we've all read Chas's posts about how people find her. Well, after her husband designed this kick ass template for me he told me how to install blog patrol. This is cool. I don't have quite the keywords that Chas has, but I've got a few that are pretty good so I'll list the top five.

5. Office Space Sequel - sorry man. I wish they'd make one too.
4. Peyton Manning's Address - I'm pretty sure I've never talked about Peyton Manning or his address. This must have been on the last page of his 10,000 page search. Dude must be psycho or something.
3. Pronounch Scraight - Huh?
2. Corona - Amen brother (or sister). If it wasn't just before church time on Sunday morning I might have one too.

This is the best one. My favorite of them all...

1. Hot Neighbors Cheating Wifes (spelled just as it is) - Talk about disappointment. This poor kid is searching for porn and found me. I'm guessing he didn't stay very long but thanks for stopping by.


I put stat tracker on my site as well and I've got barely nothing. However when I do get something I'm going to post about it! Kind of funny the way people get to sites. I was just looking at mine earlier today.
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My Google Page Rank (PR) is still too low to show up on a Google's radar (or any major search engine for that matter). Most people have PR of at least 3. Mine for some reason is only a 2. Hopefully one day I will have some interesting search words to post. Perhaps my blog is still too new. When I get some time I will work on promoting my site to boost my PR and get better search engine placement.
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