Friday, August 12, 2005

Hello again Milton3P0...

So, this morning Milton3P0 paid me another visit. I wasn't sure why he was there but his mom was dropping him off as usual and it looked like he was coming to stay because he had his "bubba keg" and his books with him. I thought "Oh crap, he needs money and wants to work today." He came in and honestly said "Sir, I'm getting ready to head off to school and I need the number for the utility board up there so I can make sure they turned my power on." I was thinking how weird it would be if I went in to my old job and asked them to look up something for me. Anyway, I did it for him because I'm a nice guy...sometimes. I was a little mad because he begged for this bookshelf we have down there so I didn't sell it. I just worked around it for a month or two and last week he said "Sir, I'll not be taking that shelf with me. I hope you're not disgruntled by it in the least sir." Well, not much I can do about it but it sucks.

In other news, search terms are new so here are my favorites...again...

1. Anurism - I'm sorry if you came here looking for treatments of
anurism. If you don't know, an anurism is a blood clot in your brain. Some People can recover, but some people are left not as they were. I had a friend in middle school who's mom died from one.

2. "display your penis" - there will be no penis's displayed on this blog. I'm assuming you found a post about the locker room at the Y, but genatalia on this blog.

3. "i think somethings" line from the dukes of hazzard - Hmm...I can't say that line sticks out as one from the Dukes tv shows, but I hope you found what you were looking for. If it was good - pass that line along to me I'd like to read it.

4. office space sequel - yeah, they're probably not going to make one. Seriously, where would they go with it? However, if they did make one...that would be grreeaatt...mmkay?

5. medival babes - please tell me you were searching for some weird bondage porn and found me by accident. That's the only thing I'm accepting at this point for that search.

Next week Milton will have moved out of town, but I have a good Milton3P0 story for next week that we'll all enjoy. Have a good weekend!


Who is this guy? Other people's blogs are not the place to post your advertisements. UGGHHH.
posted by Blogger Jen at 4:26 PM  
I have to agree jpro. If you want to post advertisements, post them on your own damn blog and keep this shit off of mine. If you think that is harsh, maybe it will keep you from coming back. Blog spamming...what will they think of next?
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 5:25 PM  
Okay, my hot wife and I really aren't crazy. I had a spam post about two miles long from jpro but I deleted it. He has no blog, just a blogger account so he can post junk on peoples blogs. Fear not, we can delete stupid posts as easily as we can delete spam e-mails.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 8:25 AM  

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