Wednesday, August 17, 2005

We shoot every third salesman...

...The second one just left. So I'm not real big on telemarketers or solicitors as you may have gathered. Two days ago I get a blog spammer, and yesterday during our rush we get a guy selling some kind of cleaner that wanted to talk. This guy hangs out near the door for a few minutes then comes to the counter to pitch his product. Since he told me he made a commission on just telling me about it I figured I would listen. Then he started cleaning my counter with it and said "Do you have a sharpie or a permanent marker? I really need to show you how it will take that off the counter." I just shook my head and said "You are not marking on my new counter top with anything if you value your life." So he takes a pen and marks all over his shirt then sprays this cleaner on the marks and tries to show me how it cleans those up. It didn't. So he sprays a bunch all over my new floor and wipes this big circle that even this morning I can still see. Then he asks me "Are you married? Does your wife buy products to clean the kitchen and the dishes with?" At this point I was somewhat annoyed but strangely trying to be nice and I said "Well, yes we buy those things because we have a kitchen as most normal married couples do." So he tells me we can clean the cars, the garage floor, the carpet, the kitchen and any fine china we might have and ended his sales pitch with "Why don'tcha buy a gallon or two?" I just shook my head no and he left. Seriously, why would anyone walk in to a business that had a line of people and try to pitch a product like that? Maybe that was how he made his living, but common sense would say that wasn't the best time to push your product.

It looks like the book rush is on us, so keep your fingers crossed that we sell everything on the shelves!


Best of luck on the book selling.

My parents have got the same way with sales people. I'm suprised my dad hasn't thrown them out yet!
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 4:22 PM  
You should have said, "wow it works on shirts. What about pants? Does it work on pants also?" Then when he ruins his pants you should say, "Wow what about shoes? Can it clean shoes." See how many things of his you can ruin. He probably won't come back then. :)
posted by Anonymous Interblogger at 12:39 AM  
We get people who try to solicit at our office a couple times a week. My goal is to tell them "we are not allowed to have solicitors" before they can even say what they are selling. The best we've done is one sentence before we catch them! Nothing like seeing them turn around before they even finish walking into the office. By the way, my blog is up and running again. I'll try to be better this time.
posted by Blogger Jeffy at 7:52 AM  
The really bad news is that two days after I can still see the spot on the floor that he "cleaned." If his supervisors come in I'm going to tell them they owe me a new floor.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 9:07 AM  
You would think that once he jacked up his shirt, he'd have gotten out of there. Some people just don't know when to quit!
posted by Blogger Boonzie at 5:27 PM  

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