Wednesday, August 31, 2005

College kids...

So, our book rush is over. Nothing exciting going on, now we just return the books we didn't sell and sell any student buybacks back to our wholesalers. I've got a few returns to do, and most of the buybacks are under way so we're in good shape. What I don't remember from college is having class with this many overly frugal people. I know books are expensive and campus stores generally rip you off. I know students look for the best deal so we always try to help where we can and pass the discounts we get on to the students. We saved a nursing student $500 this semester on her books because we were that much cheaper. Anyway, the people that annoy me are the ones that come in three times a day to price the book...the SAME book. Not only that, I held one book for a girl this semester that was $40. She came to pick up everything else she needed and smirked when I picked up that book. She said "I don't need that one. I found a better price." So I said "really, where and how much?" She looks down at me over her nose and says "I found one on Amazon for $39." Seriously, this was the first day of class so we were busy as all get out. No big deal, the book sold thirty minutes later. She came back in the next day and said the shipping on the book from Amazon was $25 so she'd take that one. Well, it was a little late then because we'd sold it. She got so put out that we didn't hold it in hopes that she'd come back that she left angry. This other student that sticks out is a nursing major. She comes in three times a week to price the same book in hopes that "the price has gone down since the semester started." It hasn't, and the book is $20 cheaper here than the book store. So she buys about $300 worth of her books on afternoon and we think "great, she's done." Two days later she returns every single one of them because someone let her borrow them. She did this on the last day to return books. Then she stood at the counter and complained about how much it costs to drive over here and return her books and that she'd buy them if we'd sell them cheaper, but either way she'd be back in two weeks to buy them again. Really, I'm holding my breath. I remember looking for deals, but I don't remember a deal being $1 cheaper and I don't think ever in my life would I stand and argue over a price at a retail store. Anyway, it's been a pretty busy morning for the second week of classes and I've got a bunch to get done. I can't wait for the long weekend!


You would like me as a customer! :) I look for a good price and if I see it great I'll take it. Yeah I can order stuff off of amazon or somewhere else, but there had better be enough of a savings that the price of the book AND the shipping is less than what I'd pay a bookseller. So yeah I understand your agony. And you have to wonder if these people passed math class. $39 + shipping > $40 out of the shop (perhaps there's a tax as well)

I am also looking forward to the weekend. I'm addicted to Tiger Woods 2004!
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Well, they do teach an awful lot of remedial math here. We had a girl come in to sell her math book back and it looked like she drug it beside the car on the way there because it was rough. She didn't think we were giving her enough so she said "I need to keep it. I failed this class and I have to take it again." She left and Dad said "I don't know that I'd admit to failing remedial Math." There is a sales tax, but it's reasonable at the store. It would still be cheaper than shipping the book she was after.
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