Monday, October 24, 2005

Dialing in...

So the Jeep is fixed. Now I just need a new speedometer gear so the speedometer doesn't read 20 mph off. I have a feeling that's a vital piece to dialing it in so I'm not going 20 mph too slow or too fast. Either way, it's nice to have it back so we're not out a car anymore. Sadly the Jeep is just at that stage where it's going to cost me money to keep it running. I don't like thinking about it, but it is the Jeep and I'm sure after this round of problems I'll go another 140,000 miles without a single hiccup.

This weekend I spent some time with our new DVD player. It's got the fiber optic audio output on it which is supposed to be better. To me it was just quieter so I had to get out all the car movies and movies with aliens and explosions to make sure I got it right. I put in X-men 2, Gone in 60 Seconds, and it just didn't sound right. Wasn't enough bass yet. Turns out the listening mode was set to Music. That's great if we're watching a live Dave Matthews or Harry Connick DVD, but for people that like hearing massive things blow up, it's just not enough. I got the setting switched and turned the sub up about twice what it was before just for good measure. The neighbor said he heard me listening to the Bad Boys 2 chase scene yesterday morning so I guess I've got it dialed in. Personally I like that when Orks are walking across the screen it sounds like they're in the kitchen, or when Eleanor fires up it sounds like it just pulled in to the garage. The wife doesn't think so, but it's pretty damn cool to me.

Mike got a new Harley this weekend and took his girlfriend for a ride on it. Preliminary reports say that she whined and bitched the entire time. Knowing that Mike very rarely exaggerates in this area, I'll take his word for it. I might have to get him to e-mail me a picture of it because he doesn't have his own damn blog to post the pictures of it on. The story is pretty funny so he might have to post that here too. Mike, if you'll e-mail me that conversation with Bob the accessorizer, I'll post it here for you.

Outside of that the weekend was uneventful. Played some DVD trivial pursuit with the in-laws this weekend which was fun. It sucked because I lost my first game to my wife since we've owned it, but I'll blame it on her brothers. I think they were sabotaging the game. I hope everyone else had a good weekend.


I have yet to win a Trivial Pursuit game against my husband! You men and your ability to retain senseless facts! I can't tell you how many questions have been answered with "the Shah of Iran." Who - and WHAT - the hell is the Shah of Iran?!? Worse, it usually takes him a maximum of 45 minutes to win the game before I even get one cheese. Yeah, we call those little triangle pieces "cheese."
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That sound system sounds like a winner. I need to get one of those as well. I've been talking about it for years now, but it gets put aside. One of these days. That way I can drown out the neighbor whose always tinkering in the driveway when I want to watch a movie.

I hear you about the Jeep. I just got the Honda worked on (more than the muffler by the way) and we are at the stage where we want a new car, but can't afford it. once the wife is done with school we probably can. At that time I may get a new car.
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Who doesn't want Orcseses in their kitchen? I do. Especially if it means Orli the Elf isn't far behind...
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Jennifer didn't seem to want Orceses in the kitchen or Elves marching up the sidewalk, but it was still good...sounded fantastic.
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