Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Academy Awards and burned burners

Well, the bad news first. The damn DVD burner died this week. Would you believe it's just outside of it's warranty? Nice. I believe that's the last Sony product I'll buy for a while. That's dumb that it only lasts a year and I've got a few friends that are hard core DVD pirates that won't use Sony burners either. I purchased a Pioneer yesterday from TigerDirect.com for a reasonable price and it should be here tomorrow. That sucks.

Speaking of DVD's, I was flipping through Netflix's collection of Academy Award winning DVD's and you can do it by what the movie won the Oscar for. These categories are dumb and are outdated. Why is there no category for best explosion? Best Fight Scene? Best topless scene by an actress? Best Car Chase? Seriously, Best Actor and Best Actress are a given as is Best picture and director. I'm tired of watching this Best Sound Editing, Best Film Editing crap. I know these people need credit and it's nice for them to get recognized for the work they've done to make the film look good, but realistically lets give guys a reason to watch the Oscars other than that our wives and girlfriends want to and they are making us watch. Give us Best Mindless Action flick or Best Superhero Movie or something. Do you know how many times Arnold or Stallone could have won that one? Yeah, a bunch.

As far as the nominees go, I'm upset that Hostel and Sin City got nothing and will likely get nothing. Those were both fantastic movies that if nothing else should get best special effects, but it seems that me and Oscar have different tastes.

I was going to blog about the SuperBowl but I was too mad and realized I had no team in the game so in short I'll say that Bill Levy should never be allowed to call another game in his career. Not just a pro-game, or a college game, they should bar that stupid bastard from calling any sporting event for the rest of his life. He shouldn't even be allowed to call JV Football games in towns where football is not important. He had to have some money on the outcome of that game, or knew someone who did because he pretty well handed it to the Stealers. I hate officials that won't just let people play the game. They're paid to play, we pay to watch, that's it. It should be a game, not a sage about some underpaid umpire or ref that wants TV time...I hate referees. Bill Levy, if you read this I hope Matt Hasselback and the entire Seahawks team shoved a game ball in your stupid ass. You earned it.


Amen to your comments on Bill Levy. I was told by one steeler fan that they didn't need that touchdown by Big Ben. I in turn told them that it changed the tide. I got no response back.

It would be a bit of work but I think we should come up with our own acadamy awards for last year? I'm totally there with you on these nominations. They are a total bore. And tell me this. How the hell does the Acadamy think the Crying Game is a great movie? Please. I also believe the stunt people have their own awards show where many of your ideas are awarded awards!
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We could probably come up with who should have won last year easily. That might be a fun post. E-mail me and let's get started on that. I'd like to see the stunt man awards, that would be fun.

I think your steelers friend is out of their mind. You need points to win the game, therefore they needed the touchdown. The only thing not needed in that game was Bill Levy...he was worse than an activist judge pulling for what he wants.
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I'll see what I can come up with. Now I have to reach back into my memory...
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