Thursday, July 29, 2004

Can I get a discount?

Well hell no you can't!  Why would you?  When you go to WalMart - do you say "Is that my price - I shopped here yesterday, and I may not come back if you don't give me a discount."  Maybe I was just raised different.

So, today's rant is about people that think they need a discount.  If money was the issue when I went to buy something - I always figured that meant I didn't need it that bad.  Okay, so sometimes it doesn't hurt to ask, I can agree.  However, to tell me that you're never going to buy from us again if I don't sell you your first order at half off is crap.  I imagine this guy used to live in Canada, and probably only moved here to be John Kerry's campaign manager.  He actually had the gaul to say "Don't I get a discount?" like we owed him a discount because it was his first purchase.  Sure, we give discounts - to employees.  If you need something, and have to have it to the point that you place an order for it - is five or six dollars going to make that much difference?  The really bad part is that people e-mail and want a discount because they don't have the stomach to call and ask for one. 

In light of recent events, I've created my own price levels.  Everyone has the opportunity to buy at retail.  If you ask for a discount, think you need a discount, sound like you support John Jerry, or live in Canada - you have your own price group.  Seeing as I am a salesman, I'll find a way to make you swallow this and like it.  If you don't like it - I don't care.  Keep pissing me off after you've given me your billing information and I'll sign you up for the Gay Men's and Women's Coalition - gay or not.  If you're gay, I'll figure out something - maybe send you a victoria's secret catalog if you're a guy.

Seriously - you can see the price online, and in the catalog.  If it said "or better offer" I can see why you would heckle.  However it does not - for a reason.

It's amazing what great therapy this blog has turned out to be. 


Soo....Can I get a discount?


posted by Blogger Good Wife at 5:33 PM  
Well, since you asked nicely...
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 3:14 PM  
Why do some people automatically think they deserve special treatment. My mom owns a business and people are always expecting a deal. How could someone from Canada expect to get something cheaper just b/c they're from Canada? I'm thinking maybe you've just had some bad luck w/ a few idiots from Canada...they're not all like bad.
posted by Blogger Chas at 12:39 AM  

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