Friday, July 30, 2004

Working, working out, some days there is no difference...

So, I'm at work yesterday and there is this idiot that for some reason thinks I work for him. I'm not really sure what that's about, or where it came from. I know who I work for - I report to them on a daily basis. Strangely, this guy has never been one that I (or anyone else in the company) report to. I've even taken time to tell him on more than one occasion that I do not work for him, and if he has a problem with what I do - he knows who to talk to. Now he's decided to use my bosses name as the person that gave him the order. He brings me something yesterday and wants to know five minutes later if it's done or not. Then he says "well, your boss came to me and asked me to have you do it." Not likely - if the boss needed it he knows where I am and can tell me he wants it done. I decided not to do this for three or four days. I'm sure everyone has worked in an office where some idiot thinks everyone works for them. I think one day I might lock him in a room with Barry Manilow's Copacabana record playing and leave him there with it on repeat for seven days.

So, I have a workout partner - if you can call him that. He kindof wanders around not knowing what is going on, what we're doing, what he needs to work - nothing. Today I walked in and he's wandering around as usual with his cup of coffee working the same thing he worked yesterday. He said "Well, I thought we'd do some of these." My response was "We did those yesterday - if you're not sore - you did something wrong." I went on to do other things and he was a little upset, but I honestly don't care.

So I have a customer call today that wants to return something. "It doesn't fit" he says. Funny, no one else has had that problem with it. Turns out, he's changed something so it wouldn't fit, no way for us to know it wouldn't fit. Now, he wants us to pay for shipping. I wish I could have spoken freely. I think he should pay a restock fee of at least 75 percent for being a moron! You buy a piece - made to fit something specific but don't tell the manufacturer you've changed something major - IT'S YOUR FAULT! End of story.

Everybody be sure to welcome my best friend Jeff to the great theraputic sport of blogging - you can read his stuff here -


Jeff's is great. So sorry about the "partner"...maybe you can ditch him eventually.
posted by Blogger Jen at 2:40 PM  
Nothing is more frustrating than a work out buddy who doesn't work out. Mine refuses to do anything that might make her sore the next day. "If you're sore, you over did it and have to take time off," she says. *sigh* Perhaps thats why shes doughy and I'm not. lol I think we need new work out buddies, sugar! ;0)

And I like how your coworker is too much of a puss to own up to ordering you around. lol Poor guy.

I'm off to check out your friend's site now!

posted by Blogger Good Wife at 4:26 PM  

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