Thursday, August 26, 2004

What Matrix Personality are you?

Well, I took the test today and the results are no suprise to me.

You are Neo
You are Neo, from "The Matrix." You
display a perfect fusion of heroism and

What Matrix Persona Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I took a Star Wars test like this once and it said I was Luke Skywalker so maybe one day my employers will realize that I am the one who will bring balance to the force.

Nothing new here today. Some exciting news for some friends of mine. My friend John has recently gotten a promotion. As they put it to me, it's good and it's bad. It's great for John as it moves his career to the next level, but it puts them further away from everyone. At any rate, congratulations to both of them. Hopefully one day they will move you back to town, but we don't mind driving a couple of hours to whip up on you in Trivial Pursuit.

We've been pretty busy today, so not much time for blogging. I'm also very excited that I'm headed to Florida next weekend so I can't wait for that to happen. I get to see my best friend since high school, his wife, and their new house. Very exciting times.

Well, I was thinking todays blog would go without a slam on John Kerry, or a rant about a stupid customer, but it couldn't. Recently, someone I work with has taken to passing out orders in the worst way. Somehow I missed the memo that he became my boss, and I'm still searching for a copy of it. Every now and then he'll yell across the room that I need to do something and I haven't yet decided how to respond. More on that as it develops. John Kerry was going to get off light today (or so he thought) until I found this quote "*Democrats, a party of liberal queers supported by ghetto blacks, Commie college professors and Mafia-backed unions," on another website. While I'm not racist, that's pretty funny. I also saw in the news today that John Kerry wants to stop the slanderous ads about his war record. Sorry John, you wanted everyone to think you were a great War Hero and you're not. Now you get to face the music, and be slammed on blogs across the world every day. John Kerry is still the budweiser donkey, and he does not approve this message, but he might if he thought someone would vote for him.


You know, in light of your bossy co worker...

My great grandmother started a tradition in my family. Whenever someone is out of their shoes and being a bossy sod, you just look them in the face and say, "Got a broom?"

Naturally the first time you use this phrase, it begs further explanation...which goes like this:

"What? You got a broom?....I don't follow."

"Yeah, because that way, I could shove it up my ass and sweep the floor at the same time."

So now my family simply uses the shortened version, "Got a broom?" to get our point across...

I don't have the most docile of women in my family tree. :)
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That's hillarious. Right up there with a kid telling me "I look a little green, and while I do need some fresh air, I should be wary, It's raining outside" Little monster was only 13. I shudder to think of the grown-up one.
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