Tuesday, August 03, 2004

People only hear what they want to hear.

So, I'm at the post office here recently, and I see this very annoying lady that works out at the same gym I do. As usual, she pretends no one else is in the room. This gnome of an old lady is probably one of the most rude people I have ever met. I would suspect she's from Canada and sports a John Kerry Flip Flop - Oops! - I meant to say sticker - on her car. She's so rude that I was using a machine the other day and she comes over and says "I need to use this space right here, and I'm going to need to use it now. Okay?" Well, it wasn't okay but it was way too early in the morning to be rude to an old lady. She only needed the spot I was in so she could see herself to curls (with no weight) in the mirror. Now that you have some background - back to the story at hand. She's at the post office, and she needs a voter registration form. The guy behind the counter says "I'm sorry, we normally have them but we're out of them. They probably won't deliver anymore until tomorrow or the next day." Somehow, this doesn't phase her at all. She looks right back at the man and says "Well, I need one." I guess she expected him to pull it out of his ass - I don't know. He apologized again, and he honestly didn't have one. There wasn't really anything he could do - if you don't have one, you just don't have one. She stood there waiting for someone to go get her one. Seeing she was holding up the line - the manager came out to see what the problem was, and even called the voting commission to make sure they were bringing them out. The manager then told her that the voting commission would bring them out first thing in the morning. I started to think this woman was deaf, but maybe because she's old she thinks everyone owes her something. She responded by really saying "So, what do I do now? I NEED a voter registration card." Then, she figures it out, and makes it seem like it was her idea so she says "Well, it doesn't look like you guys have one, so I'm going to go down to the voting commission and get on there." I almost started applauding. I suppose she thought if she stood there long enough they would give in and hand her one. What part of 'they don't frickin have one' didn't she understand? Honestly people - no means no. If you order a hamburger at a restaurant and they're out of them - don't force the issue. What you get might look like a hamburger but I can assure you it will not be.


Dude... you are so dead on. When you tell someone you can't help them, that should be the end of it. Hope you had a nice trip!
posted by Blogger Jeffy at 4:30 PM  
What an idiot. It's sad that there are people like that out there. I bet you she's registering now with the idea that she's going to get to vote in Friday's county commission/school board election. Someone will pull their hair out trying to explain to her that you have to register 30 days in advance....I feel for them.
posted by Blogger Chas at 4:57 PM  

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