Monday, August 09, 2004

To Greg and Jennifer....

Okay, so most days this is just a rant about people that piss me off, or people that have done generally stupid things that are noteworthy. This post will not be.

My wife and I had the pleasure of attending a wedding in Nashville this weekend for one of her old friends from high school. I know what you're thinking - "This guy goes to weddings, I bet he's a blast." Well, I did enjoy this wedding. It's good to see people you know as happy as they were. The wedding was very nicely done, very tasteful, and short of a petty bridesmaid that didn't realize she wasn't the center of attention, I was happy to have been invited. Some people, no matter how old (or how huge in her case) they get will never realize that there are days they will not be the center of attention, and that there are more important things than them. To people like this, I have no use for you. If all goes well, she'll double in size every year as she has over the last year and won't be able to leave the house so seeing her won't be a problem again. My wife was upset at her attitude, but I have no regard for people of this nature. I guess when you're this age, all your friends are getting married so it seems like we're always going to weddings. We have been to at least three since we've been married (which was one year last week - WHOO HOO!). This time, I had the pleasure of talking to the made of honor for quite a while and she turned out to be a riot. Not many married men can go to a wedding, dance with the Maid of Honor and live to write about it on Monday - but somehow this guy did. I'd never met her before, but seeing as we didn't know many people besides the bride and groom, it was good to make a new friend.

So, thank you Greg and Jennifer for inviting us, we were happy to attend. We certainly wish you all the best and look forward to doing goofy married couple things with you whenver we get the chance. May the awkwardness of your name change pass quickly, but may your passion for life, and passion for each other never fade.


Patrick that is by far one of the sweetest things anyone has said to me in awhile. Im glad you and Jen had fun, seeing as how I had a blast. I just wanted everyone else to too....

And Im glad Julie found someone to talk to. She was driving me nuts. It meant alot to me that you two came to our wedding, and we will most DEFINITELY call next time we are in town. I have some more news for you.

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