Wednesday, February 28, 2007

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

At long last...

The Dog house is finished. This was a pretty decent sized project. The directions were made for an experienced carpenter, not someone like myself. I like wood-working projects, and I like working with my hands, but I don't know that I'm very good at them. Big thanks to the assist from Dad on the roofing and siding, and big thanks to his friend...the other member of the Cardiac Carpenter Team for the donation of the siding.

If you're interested the house is built with 2X2 frames, boxed in with plywood and insulated with inch and a half house grade insulation. It's made to be able to put five inches of cedar chips in the bottom. I had to upgrade the size of the house because the one that would fit the dog we're getting has a weight limit of 100lbs. With any luck Tumbler will weigh 150lbs when he's full grown. The roof is roofed just like a regular house complete with shingles. I'm hoping this house will last the life of three or four dogs. If the pictures don't show you, we painted it navy blue and silver, we just like those colors and that's just how we roll.

A call to the dog breeder last night told us that puppies are due on March 13th. That should put a dog at our house (if we like these) the weekend after my birthday. Whoo hoo! We're pretty excited about it. If we end up not liking those guys, he's got six other pregnant females we can chose from. But the female on this one is the color we like so we will see. At any rate, lots to get done today so everyone enjoy your Tuesday. Heroes was badass last night as per the usual and I can't wait until next week.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday Movie Reviews

So did everyone watch the Oscars? I hope so. We did, but I think this was a sad year for critically acclaimed movies. I almost never agree with critics and still maintain that new award categories should be Best Actress in a Topless Scene, Best High Speed Car Chase, Best Explosion, and Best Action Flic. That's just me. I think considering it's competition, The Departed was a good pick for Best Picture. This Mondays Movie Reviews will be a rundown of the two other Best Picture Nominees we watched this weekend.

Babel - Not a horrible movie, but not great. To me it seemed like the writers saw Crash and said "We can do that. Only let's spread it out further." I think last night the director said it was supposed to be about how communication is lost over different cultures. To say the least he didn't really communicate that message to me. From the deaf volleyball girls in Tokyo that get messed up on Ecstacy, to the kids in Morroco firing an M70 at Jackals to protect their goats, I was lost. It really is pretty similar to Crash without the racism, and of course spread out over the globe. I wasn't as violently opposed to it as some of our friends that watched it with us were, but I wouldn't call this the best movie I've seen this year. I think X-3 should have gotten an Oscar Nod before this one did...but that goes back to me and my awards. Anyway, not sure what to tell you on this one. It's two and a half hours of your life and one naked Japanese girl (that trust me you can live without seeing) on the table with this one. I probably won't ever watch it again, but that's me.

Little Miss Sunshine - I don't know how honest my review is since I slept through part of it. Hey, it was a long day in the basement finishing the dog house, and the wine and bitchin home made Ravioli my hot wife made started to take it's toll. That and the movie wasn't very interesting. At an hour and 40 minutes it couldn't keep my attention. Not sure why, but it was slow. From Alan Arkin doing blow to the Little Miss Sunshine pageant I just wasn't in to it. For guys, watching that beauty pageant can make you feel dirty. Seeing 10 year old girls in bikini's getting spray on tan from their cracked out moms can make you sick. It did have funny moments, some where throw backs I think to Chevy Chase in National Lampoons Vacation but that's just me. Steve Carell is pretty funny, but is way out of his normal character. The movie had it's moments but one of our friends hated this one more than he hated Babel. It's not a movie I'll likely ever watch again, but it had it's moments.

Pretty busy weekend. I'm helping the RumRunners with a few home projects and I'm finally finished with the dog house. I'll hopefully get some pictures and post them tonight. Wow...I might actually blog twice this week.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

What is Lent?

Well, it's that time of year again. Lent. But what is Lent? What does it all mean?

My sister has recently become a youth leader at her church so she's shaping and molding young minds. I love my sister to death but I never figured that she'd be a youth leader. I always figured I would be the one that ended up in that role. Not that she's incapable of leadership, but she doesn't like kids. Maybe she's changed in recent years, but anyway. She was at a church service this week and one of the younger kids sat down at a table with her and one of the church elders and said "What is Lent?" They looked at him and the other lady asked my sister to take it. So she started explaining that Lent was different in different religions and looked at different ways, but in our religion it represents the time Jesus spent in the desert fasting, so giving up something for Lent is really supposed to be a sacrifice. She went on and told him that in college her roommate gave up Cokes and I have a friend that gives up chocolate every year. I usually give my friend a hard time because Jesus gave up food and was tempted by Satan, and he gives up chocolate and is tempted by a Snickers bar. I guess it's a sacrifice none the less. So my sister is thinking to herself what a great job she's doing explaining this to the kid and is just all kinds of tickled about it. She gets done and says "Do you have any other questions?" So he sits for a second and says "Where does the preacher keep the stuff?" Confused they both say "What stuff?" The kid looks at them very seriously and says "All the stuff that everybody gives up. Where do we keep it? What room does it go in? Who keeps the key to it? I want to see all this stuff that everyone gives up." At this point I think my sister passed the torch on this one.

At any rate, if you celebrate Lent or not, remember that in all religions it's a time of sacrifice and reflection. If you do give up something, I hope you make it through. If you don't, I hope you enjoy Lent, Easter, or whatever this time of year means to you. Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy the Oscars. We'll see you again on Monday for an Oscar run down and the usual Monday movie reviews.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday Movie Reviews

I keep telling myself every day that I'm going to blog about something...anything. The week comes and goes, and we're back to Monday Morning Movie Reviews. Oh well. This week...really, I'll blog more. I know both of you are dying to read my thoughts. On to todays Movie Reviews!

Marie Antoinette - Yeah, I just don't get it. My wife liked it, and since she's been hammered with school work I didn't mind watching it with her. I guess I just didn't get it. It seemed slow, repetitive, and pretty much uninteresting. I could tell you the summary but most of you probably already know her story. I guess it's true. I don't know. For guys if you want to know what Kirsten Dunst looks like naked you won't be too curious once this movie is over. No real nude scenes but she wears a lot of completely see through clothes. Certainly not worth renting the movie for. As far as filmography goes, it wasn't bad. Colors were pretty nice. I guess that is how France would have looked in 1798, but I don't know. The funniest part to me is that they were attacked at the end and of course ran...because that's what the French do. Anyway, skip this one until it comes on TV.

Ghost Rider -

Now this is my kind of movie. Nothing to think about, no horrible story lines, and hot women. It is based on a comic book that is pretty corny in and of itself, and the movie has some dialogue that you listen to and think "Wow...did they really just say that? That was pretty bad." Nicolas Cage is awesome per usual, and Eva Mendes....mmmm....

Yeah, she falls out of her clothes for most of the movie. My mother leaned over more than once to say "I'm sure they made that in her size." Yes Mom, I'm sure they did. But someone like me probably directed it and made sure he was in charge of Eva's Wardrobe....standing behind the camera yelling "CUT! More cleavage in this scene please!'re gonna have to lose another button on that shirt. I just can't see enough." Anyway, the movie is good, and worth seeing. Sam Elliott has a bit part in it and Peter Fonda plays the Devil. My mom thought it was hilarious because he was the Easy Rider. So I guess it has something for all ages. Pretty sure it just made me want a motorcycle even more. Maybe while it's still in theaters I'll go see it again but that's unlikely. At any rate, it's not X3, but it's better than Superman Returns.

That's it for now. I spent most of the weekend working on the dog house for the dog that won't arrive until May, but it's almost done. I'll have to post pictures of it because it's been quite the undertaking really. Should look good though. New Heroes tonight. Surely everyone is watching by now right?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday Movie Reviews

In between household projects, trips to Lowe's, and of course driving the new car as much as possible, we watched a few movies this weekend. Hopefully I can spare you from watching some of them.

American Pie Presents: Band Camp - Just awful. I can't imagine who sat down and thought this crap up. Essentially Stiffler's younger brother sabotages an end of the year Band Concert and gets sent to Band Camp by The Shermanator...who has somehow become a high school guidance counselor. He decides that while he's at Band Camp he'll start making porno movies of the band geeks having sex so he can sell them as porno movies and work for his older brother. Probably wouldn't be too bad of a premise if they didn't try to go from making a soft porn movie to making a morality play. The guy who plays Stifflers brother is horribly annoying to the point that I don't know how the other actors didn't punch him in the face every time he spoke. The band camp kids are annoying and of course the camp counselors are all former Playboy Playmates. Yeah, because that is what really happens at Band Camp. I would have to say anyone that was in this movie was just desperate for a movie role and the writers were hoping that they could cash in on the success of the last three movies. Typically to do that you have to have the former stars, and Sherman was the least likeable character and one of the worst actors the world has ever seen. I would stay away from Band Camp unless you're just morbidly curious. Even still, don't go in expecting much. The movie is slow going, seems choppy, oh and did I mention it was dumb?

American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile - Actually not bad. I'm not sure why the writers of the American Pie movies decide to play only on the Stiffler family, but they do. This movie is MUCH better than band camp and you don't find yourself hating the lead characters or hating yourself for watching it. I have to say the hot wife and I laughed pretty damn hard during this one. The guys who play Stifflers cousins are pretty good and I think this movie probably would have had some success in the theaters. It's funny, Eugene Levy stars again and maintains the status as the only guy to be in all five American Pie movies. Either way, this movie is hard not to laugh your ass of at from the midget football team to the running of the naked mile. There is still that good wholesome value play on it that is again not needed, but they make it more believable here and it's more like Van Wilder than the previous movie. If you're out for a good hard laugh that you don't have to think about, this is a good one.

That's it for today. I'm trying to make my blogs shorter so more people will read them and comment on them so I'll reserve some more movie reviews for later. New Heroes starts in eight hours and if you're not watching, this is the best reason to look forward to Monday nights that there is. Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

R.I.P. Vickie Lynn Hogan

Strange Thursday news huh? Sad to hear, but Anna Nicole Smith died this afternoon at a Hostpital in Florida. Cause of death hasn't been reported but this has certainly not been the best year for her and her family with her 20 year old son dying a few weeks ago, and now her newborn baby girl who doesn't really know who her Dad is has to grow up without her mom. Not much else to say really. Not that I'm a huge Anna Nicole fan, but thoughts and prayers certainly go out to her family.