Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Name 3 - Courtesy of Chastity, and Amy

Name 3 of your favorite.......

1. Colors: Red, Blue, and Black

2. Pizza Toppings: pepperoni, sausage, feta cheese

3. Department Stores: Sears, but I only do the tool section.

4. Flavors of Candy: chocolate, peanut butter, and chocolate peanut butter

5. Scents of Candles: You're kidding right?

6. Days of the Week: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

7. Vegetables: green beans, potatoes, asparagus

8. Fruits: Do Gummy Bears count as a fruit?

9. Meals to cook: Steak, Salmon, Chicken - on the grille

10. Kitchen Gadgets: The George Forman Grille, The Blender, those kick ass steak knives we got as a wedding present.

11. Olympic Sports: Track and Field, Swimming, Ice Skating (my sister always made me watch it)

That was found at Monday Madness via Amy's blog.

Garbage Day - it seems like this is a weekly ordeal.

So as usual, I'm leaving for work today and I had to stop to pull the trash can out of the ditch at the end of our driveway. As I'm pulling out, the garbage man comes driving back by and motions me to the car. Today, it would seem he broke the wheels off and they fell into the garbage truck. So he stops, and says "Hey man, if you'll call that free number, they'll get you a new can. Every time I call, they want me to have the customer call. Ain't that the city for you?" So, while maybe he's not maliciously throwing my garbage can in the ditch, he's at least tried to remedy the situation. So I call the provided "free number" only to be put on hold for a good 20 minutes of my day. Just to give you an idea of what this was like, picture yourself at a drive through in the worst part of town, listening to the not-so pleasant voice calling back your order. This is the voice they chose as the soothing voice to ask you to continue to hold. Maybe it was good government work for them, but personally I think my tax dollars should pay for someone that we can understand. After my eternal hold, I was greated by what sounded like the unpleasant voice again - which she could have been the only person there taking phone calls. So I tell her my problem, and she could honestly care less. No big deal, it's a garbage can. Her solution? "Otay, next week just leave yo gabbaj can down by da road. You know, like, uh, insted u takin it back up to yo hizouse, just be leavin it by du screet. Otay, n deen, just be keep on leavin it by da screet, until afta next weeks run, n deen sumbody stroll by, n day be puttin dem new wheelz on it. Scraight up?" Lucky for me, I speak fluent Jive - or whatever the hell it was she spoke - so I agreed. Not only did I agree, but I said "Well, I'll make a deal with you. Since your garbage man keeps throwing the can in the ditch, I will let your wheel guy come by and pull it out of the ditch to put the new wheels on it." Amazingly she didn't understand but responded with something that sounded like okay so I assumed our conversation was over. It's unbelievable to me that the solution is leave it by the street. I'd love to do that, but it would block the mail box, and the mailman would likely knock it over too. Ahh, the life of a government employee.

Not much else going on here today. Perhaps a reader poll if you will. Let's say you buy something from a company, and you send it back because it wasn't really what you wanted. Then you say "well, let me have this replacement instead." That way, you're still ordering from them, and you know you're paying the shipping. How would you feel if they hit you with a 10 percent restock fee on your return? Is that not the most ludicrous thing you've ever heard of? Nothing says "We don't want your business" more than a restock fee when you've placed another order with them. Me, I think it's uncalled for. Am I out of line? What do you think? I think John Kerry would not be for a restock fee, but he wouldn't be against it either. After all, he's a great War Hero - one that throws other peoples medals on the whitehouse lawn.

Friday, August 27, 2004

The IOC and that stupid ass Korean...again

Well, I think the Korean Gymnast has finally found a way to make people hate him MORE than most of the world hates Canadians. This guy has taken things to an entirely new level. Now, the IOC isn't going to strip Paul Hamm of his Gold Medal, but they're requesting that he give it back. Sorry guys, you had the chance to not award it to him once - after the medal ceremony is over, you don't ever get that chance again. I've watched Football games where the winning team had 12 men on the field on the last play. They still won! I think the IOC, and this communist homo should both find something better to do with their time. Paul Hamm won when it counted - if you don't like it - STAY HOME NEXT YEAR!! It would be nice if by some miracle, that moronic Korean read this (if he can read) and realized what a waste of air he's becoming and decided never to leave his country again. Most athletes respect other athletes, this guy does not deserve the respect of anyone. Sure, he won a medal. He's probably a well trained competitor and I'm certain can do a better job than I could. However, his antics show the world what a piece of trash he is. Perhaps we should put him and John Kerry in a room together and they can talk about how they once threw their ribbons back at the authority in protest, then change their story years later.

So I'm checking my voice mail today, and I get one that's silent for about five seconds. Then, I hear "Hello? Are you there? Can you hear me? Hello??!?? Hello!!??! Call me back! I've been on hold for a half an hour!!!!" That was it - no number, no name, no nothing. Honestly, give me something to work with here. I'm sorry you've been holding, but for you to get a call back - it's best that you tell people who you are.

Well, we're going house shopping tomorrow so we'll see how that goes. Have a great weekend, and wish us luck.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

What Matrix Personality are you?

Well, I took the test today and the results are no suprise to me.

You are Neo
You are Neo, from "The Matrix." You
display a perfect fusion of heroism and

What Matrix Persona Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I took a Star Wars test like this once and it said I was Luke Skywalker so maybe one day my employers will realize that I am the one who will bring balance to the force.

Nothing new here today. Some exciting news for some friends of mine. My friend John has recently gotten a promotion. As they put it to me, it's good and it's bad. It's great for John as it moves his career to the next level, but it puts them further away from everyone. At any rate, congratulations to both of them. Hopefully one day they will move you back to town, but we don't mind driving a couple of hours to whip up on you in Trivial Pursuit.

We've been pretty busy today, so not much time for blogging. I'm also very excited that I'm headed to Florida next weekend so I can't wait for that to happen. I get to see my best friend since high school, his wife, and their new house. Very exciting times.

Well, I was thinking todays blog would go without a slam on John Kerry, or a rant about a stupid customer, but it couldn't. Recently, someone I work with has taken to passing out orders in the worst way. Somehow I missed the memo that he became my boss, and I'm still searching for a copy of it. Every now and then he'll yell across the room that I need to do something and I haven't yet decided how to respond. More on that as it develops. John Kerry was going to get off light today (or so he thought) until I found this quote "*Democrats, a party of liberal queers supported by ghetto blacks, Commie college professors and Mafia-backed unions," on another website. While I'm not racist, that's pretty funny. I also saw in the news today that John Kerry wants to stop the slanderous ads about his war record. Sorry John, you wanted everyone to think you were a great War Hero and you're not. Now you get to face the music, and be slammed on blogs across the world every day. John Kerry is still the budweiser donkey, and he does not approve this message, but he might if he thought someone would vote for him.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The Olympics, Janet Jackson, and Garbage Day

So, it's Tuesday here which means the Garbage man came by and dropped the garbage can into the ditch again. I swear, he's got a John Kerry sticker on his truck. Fitting don't you think?

I heard on the radio this morning that Janet Jackson is now saying that President Bush is using her Superbowl Boob Flash to take the country's mind of 9/11. Okay, I've seen reaching before but this I believe is going too far. I'm certain that the President didn't want to see her boob anymore than the rest of us did. It was certainly among the list of things I never wanted to see. I can't believe she's still trying to keep herself in the news with that crap. Maybe she's just trying to take our minds of her brothers scandals, or perhaps she just wants to make sure the Jacksons have a place in history as the most disfunctional family of all time. They certainly have my vote.

So, I'm watching the Olympics and I see Paul Hamm as the all around champion. Now, the Koreans have decided that they were scored incorrectly and that Paul Hamm should be stripped of his gold. You know, it's wonderful that they think that. It's great that they have the audacity to say it out loud, but it's over. Points don't come off a scoreboard in Football, Nascar races aren't changed when someone is found with an illegal carb or a pass below the yellow line, and Paul Hamm isn't going to lose his gold medal. I think Paul Hamm is the definition of a Champion. He's what these games are all about. We've all won and lost competitions. I played a church basketball game where the official counted a basket that didn't go in because his grandson shot it. We lost that game, and I told the official afterwards what I thought. We still didn't win the game, and everyone there knew it was a crap call. We just went on to next week and forgot about it. We were mad, and the officials didn't care for me telling them they sucked, but we made sure next time we played his grandsons team that they only scored once in four quarters of basketball. If this Korean Ass Clown was any kind of champion or athlete, that is exactly what he would do. Go home, get better, and win the gold with authority in four years. I think his sorry performance last night proved that he's not a champion, and the attitude of him and his country prove it that much more. I usually only pull against Jeff Gordon, and Dale Earnhardt Jr., but last night I was pulling for that guy to fall on his ass. I laughed so hard when he messed up that I fell off the couch. I hope he leaves olympic park today and never comes back. He should take lessons from Alexi Nemov, the Russian competitor. That guy is an athlete. He gave what should have been a gold medal performance, and didn't stick his landing. Well, there was a lot more to that routine than his landing, and I think he should have won the gold, but he didn't. I bet we don't see him trying to get the Italian stripped of his gold this week. He knows he deserves it, and I bet you he'll be back in four years and will give an absolute flawless performance. Simply because - he's a true champion. Personally, I hope this Korean clown never sets foot in an olympic stadium again. He doesn't deserve to sweep up the floors of the other athletes with the way he's been acting. The judges certainly aren't helping out - because they're just out to cause controversy now. They've been flip flopping more than John Kerry does. I think this Korean moron should show his true colors, and throw his medal back at the IOC, then in a few years, he should say "No, I threw someone elses medals - mine were at home, I am great Olympic Champion." Then, when he runs for dictator, he can say he only threw his ribbons back at the IOC, and never made that distinction. He is after all, a great Olympic Champion. Where have I heard that story before?

So I got paid a visit by someone named Donkey this week. Seems to be that Donkey is a hard core democrat and wanted me to read his blog. So, I read it. I will reiterate - I don't know how anyone can say they're going to vote for John Kerry and keep a straight face. It's wonderful that that is who you are going to vote for. I'm not out to start a political debate on my blog. I'm glad you have the same strong political views that I do, even though we're on opposite sides, and thanks for stopping by. John Kerry is the Budweiser Donkey, and he did not approve this message.

Monday, August 23, 2004

35 Questions you've always wanted to know the answer to, courtesy of Chastity

Well, I've been told that I'm neglecting my blog so I've found a list of questions I'm sure everyone could live without knowing the answers to, but here you go...

1. What color are your bedroom walls? Off white, and nasty. I think they were originally white, but it's a rental - what do you do?

2. What book are you reading now? This month's edition of Maxim - does that count?

3. What's on your mouse pad? My 1972 Basin Street Blue Plymouth Barracuda 340 Automatic Earth Shakin', Rice Killin', Lean Mean, True Blue American Muscle Car - the car I've always wanted and now I have it. I RULE!

4. Favorite board game? Trivial Pursuit - I'm best at the DVD Pop Culture Edition.

5. If you have a boy what would you name him? Robert Patrick Moates, so he's named after me, my Dad, and my Grandfather(s), and so his initials will be RPM.

6. Favorite smell? Tires after a big smokey burnout, or steaks on the grille - it's a toss up.

7. Favorite color? Blue - always has been. Red is now tied for first.

8. Least favorite color? Pink - not a pink fan at all.

9. Favorite magazine? Again - Maxim.

10. Most important material thing in my life? Not sure how material my wife is - but she'd be number one.

11. Favorite flavor of ice cream? Chocolate Peanut Butter - like a big frozen Reese Cup.

12. Do you break the speed limit daily? Bend it is probably more like it.

13. Do you have a stuffed animal in your room somewhere? Do I sound like a guy with a stuffed animal collection?

14. STORMS - COOL OR SCARY? They suck when the top is off of my Jeep, but sometimes they're neat to watch.

15. Favorite drink? Water.

16. When is your birthday? April 11, 1978

17. Favorite vegetable? Asparagus - never ate it until I started dating my wife.

18. If you could have any job, what would it be? I think we're about to find out...

19. If you could have any hair color, what would it be? Always wanted it black, but it's dark enough on it's own.

20. Have you ever been in love? Since the day my wife walked into Calc II

21. Top 3 movies (in order)? Wow. Let's see. 1. Gone in 60 Seconds 2. The Matrix 3. Back to the Future Trilogy.

22. Do you type with your fingers on the right keys? Yes, I have to. Otherwise my job would take all day.

23. What's under your bed? I don't want to know.

24. What is your favorite number? 9

25. Favorite sport to watch on TV or in person? NASCAR. No question about it.

26. What is your single biggest fear? Losing my wife to something tragic.

27. Favorite CD of all time and right now? All time: Probably Harry Connick Jr.'s Star Turtle. Right now: Whichever CD I made and put in the player this morning. I'm a music downloading fool.

28. Favorite TV show of all time and right now? All time: The Dukes of Hazzard -- Right Now: Last Comic Standing

29. Hamburgers or hotdogs? Ooh. Yes, please!

30. The coolest places you've ever been? The Florida Keys. That is an awesome place to visit.

31. What wallpaper/screensaver is on your computer right now? Dilbert, but that's subject to change at any given moment.

32. Does McDonalds skimp on their fries and do you care? I only care when they are cold.

33. Favorite chain restaurant? Panera, or Kanpai, or Macaroni Grill

34. How many rings before your answering machine picks up? I don’t know. I only have a cell phone and it's always a toss up with AT&T.

35. If you could learn to play an instrument overnight, what would it be? The piano, because I've always been a huge fan of Billy Joel, and Harry Connick Jr. I can play the Trumpet, but the Piano has always been the one thing I'd love to play.

The simplest things in life - are still simple.

So, I'm at the YMCA the other day going about my usual routine. I don't know how many Y members we have, but at this YMCA, you can get a free T-shirt after so many visits. You have a stupid little card that you have to get the staff member behind the counter to sign, and while it's stupid that they can't give you a shirt after 36 scans of your membership card - it's not very hard to figure out. Some days I have my card signed, some days I don't. I honestly don't need any more T-shirts, so it just isn't a big deal to me. I usually just take time to do it when I need another minute to wake up. This guy in front of me hands over his card, and it has two signatures. Just to make sure everybody's up to speed here - it takes 36 signatures to get a free t-shirt. This guy goes "Can I go ahead and get my free shirt? I've been here 36 times this month, but they don't always sign my card." Now, the card can only be signed once per day and it says that on the card. From the look of this guy, he might have driven my it 36 times on his way to the Dunkin Donuts. He continues to argue with the girl behind the counter - who also isn't awake yet because it's still too early. Then, he turns to me for backup. If only he had known. He says to me "Don't you agree - this is crap! I've been here enough times to get a shirt, and I think I should get one." My response was simple. "Sir, this girl works here part time and could care less if she gives you a shirt or not. The card says you need 36 signatures, and you have two. She can't give your dumb ass a shirt until you have 36 signatures. I know it's early, but I can't imagine why this is so hard for you to comprehend. If you're here that often, get the card signed and stop giving this girl this crap - she doesn't need it and neither do the rest of us. Let her sign your card, and go work out or go home." Maybe I should have been nicer to the poor guy, but going to the gym in the morning is frustrating anyway because my workout partner sucks and they don't have enough free weights at this place.

The guy gives me dirty looks through his entire workout and I said "Hey man, no hard feelings. How about you and I go for a cup of coffee when we're done. I've got a free coffee card for the local Starbucks. Maybe you can tell them between the two of us, we've drank enough coffee to get a free cup even though I have half the required punches on the card. After that, we'll go to Subway - I've got a stamp on one of there cards too." Amazingly, he didn't get my point but he stopped giving me dirty looks. How hard is it to understand something that is written with red ink? I mean - 36 required signatures to get a T-shirt that you're going to use as an oil rag in three weeks is not that hard. If the shirts were particularly cool - I could see where he's coming from. The shirts aren't cool! They say YMCA on them! How hard is this to comprehend?

I think my good friend Jeff said it best today when he said "I can't believe someone can say they're going to vote for John Kerry and keep a straight face." Maybe these two stories are unrelated - but somehow I think this guy had a John Kerry sticker on his car.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

25 Things...

Most people do 25 things about themselves, and I had honestly thought about doing that. Instead, I decided to do 25 Things I'm Bored with, Tired of, and Pissed at - so you here go.

25. Canadians - if you are Candian and this offends you - good. I assure you, I'm tired of your stupid accent.

24. Can I get a discount? - No, you can't. Being stupid does not mean you should pay less - I think you should pay more.

23. Excuses - one who is good at making excuses is seldom good at anything else

22. The Democratic Party - "We need to buy more American made products - that's the only way to make the economy survive. We should also buy our drugs and pharmiceuticals from Canada - it's cheaper." Pick a side guys - you can't do both.

21. My workout partner - he's useless. He shows up at 7:30, and leaves at 7:45 - why bother?

20. Radio DJ's - I long for the day I can get Satellite Radio and not have to listen to the ass clowns that like to hear themselves talk in this town.

19. The Garbage Man on my street - for some reason he always drops my garbage can in the ditch, then opens the door to his truck just to stare at me while I walk across the yard to get it. He's never once apologized.

18. People that yell to get there way - even when they know they're wrong, and know they shouldn't get what they're asking for. If it's your mistake - you're paying for it because I just don't have a reason to.

17. Stupid questions - there is such a thing, I promise.

16. People that talk on the cell phone and drive 30 mph in the left lane with their blinker on and have no idea why everyone is passing them. MOVE OVER BEFORE I STICK THAT PHONE IN YOUR ASS!

15. "Friends" that only call you when they need a favor and then disappear, but drop an e-mail once a year to see if you'll still help them out. I'd like to tell the last one that did that to never call me again - I just don't have room in my life for that crap.

14. Honda's - I wish this import car movement would die, I'm tired of these morons with coffee can exhaust tips that think they have a fast car. Trust me, I have an entire stable of pure American Muscle that I have no problem putting the whip to for no other reason than to shame your sorry asses.

13. Toyota's - they're killing the last American Sport - NASCAR never should have let them in. Haven't you seen CART, and IRL? Don't you know how this is going to end?

12. Brian France - another reason Nascar is going downhill. You can't take money from everybody Brian, some day they're going to cash in on you. I hope I see a breaking news story one night where a Pepsi representative has taken you hostage and is threatening to shoot you. I promise, no one will pay the ransom. We might even pay them to shoot you.

11. Dale Jr. - sorry, he's not impressive and neither was his alleged Father. I watched the Nascar IMAX movie and it referred to Richard Petty as the King with 200 victories and seven championships. When they referred to the nimrods, they said "he beat and banged his way to seven championships." Sadly, some people can't see the problem with this.

10. Spam - both Internet and at home. Sorry, I don't need any more credit cards or herbal viagra. Keep it out of my inbox, and out of my garage.

9. The election 2004 - I'm already tired of it, and it's not even November yet.

8. John Kerry - he's a Nazi and a Communist Bastard. "I'm not for gay people, and I'm not against them. I'm also not for the NAACP, but I'm not against it. I'm a great war hero, does my hair look alright? I need to make sure it does because it's made of wax. Anyway, I took up sides against the US, and now I want to be the President because I'm a great Vietnam War Hero. I was there for an entire week."

7. People who ask you the same question over and over because they don't like the answer you gave - sorry, if someone says "no" that means they can't help you. If you read my earlier post, I had the misfortune of standing behind this woman at the post office and no matter how many times they told her they didn't have something - she still said she needed it. It's wonderful that you need it, but we just can't pull one out of our ass. If we did, I'm sure you'd want one that smells better.

6. Hotel Airconditioners - it's either Arctic Circle, or Hatcing Baby Chickens - those are the only two temperature choices we have.

5. Restaurant staff that can't handle two tables. Sorry, I used to wait tables (maybe that's why I hate dealing with the public), it just wasn't that hard. People piss you off, people say rude things. However, if you have time to stand around and talk to your friends while your people are without drinks - you're doing something wrong. Don't go home wondering why no one tipped you. I still will, but I won't be happy about it.

4. Websites that say "Under Construction." If you can't roll out a finished product - don't put crap out there because it's only going to piss people off.

3. My Job - I think my feet are telling me it is time to go. It's not that I don't like what I do, or the people here, but somethings come about recently that I think is going to leave me high and dry. I'm going to wait and see how the latest situation pans out. If it doesn't pan out very well - I may be knocking the dust off of my resume.

2. Our office whiner. Man, I can't wait till she leaves. When she does, I'm going to call her at home and say "Hey guess what, we're still in business today and you're not here." She seems to think we won't function without her. Businesses will function without buildings, or a full staff because they have to. One person that whines all the time is useless and I assure you the business yearns to move forward without you here.

1. Wow, finally to number one. The number one thing I'm bored with, tired of, and pissed at would have to be phone solicitors. I've finally taken to saying "sure, let me go get Mr. Mowatez for you," then laying the phone down until they hang up. I had a guy make it 10 minutes here recently. Somehow or another, he called back and said "I think somethings wrong with your phone. I heard a faint noise (us laughing) but never got an answer." If you can't pronounce my name, don't call. Seriously, you're not fooling anyone.

Monday, August 09, 2004

To Greg and Jennifer....

Okay, so most days this is just a rant about people that piss me off, or people that have done generally stupid things that are noteworthy. This post will not be.

My wife and I had the pleasure of attending a wedding in Nashville this weekend for one of her old friends from high school. I know what you're thinking - "This guy goes to weddings, I bet he's a blast." Well, I did enjoy this wedding. It's good to see people you know as happy as they were. The wedding was very nicely done, very tasteful, and short of a petty bridesmaid that didn't realize she wasn't the center of attention, I was happy to have been invited. Some people, no matter how old (or how huge in her case) they get will never realize that there are days they will not be the center of attention, and that there are more important things than them. To people like this, I have no use for you. If all goes well, she'll double in size every year as she has over the last year and won't be able to leave the house so seeing her won't be a problem again. My wife was upset at her attitude, but I have no regard for people of this nature. I guess when you're this age, all your friends are getting married so it seems like we're always going to weddings. We have been to at least three since we've been married (which was one year last week - WHOO HOO!). This time, I had the pleasure of talking to the made of honor for quite a while and she turned out to be a riot. Not many married men can go to a wedding, dance with the Maid of Honor and live to write about it on Monday - but somehow this guy did. I'd never met her before, but seeing as we didn't know many people besides the bride and groom, it was good to make a new friend.

So, thank you Greg and Jennifer for inviting us, we were happy to attend. We certainly wish you all the best and look forward to doing goofy married couple things with you whenver we get the chance. May the awkwardness of your name change pass quickly, but may your passion for life, and passion for each other never fade.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Confidentiality - what a great thing.

So, I'm talking to someone today attempting to place an order. I think the issue was, the guy was just too stupid to place an order. We don't do COD's, and I can't think of too many companies that do. For good reason even. So I complete an order today for a guy and ask for his credit card. His response - "I don't want to give my credit card out over the phone. Do you have a place where I can e-mail it?" So I asked him - "You don't want to give a credit card over the phone, but you want to send it to me through your non-secured server so I can complete this order." Turns out, he saw something on 60 minutes or some goofy show that showed someone writing down a credit card number and using it for what seemed to be bad things. Very odd, and I wasn't sure how to respond. He eventually decided he would just send us a check, but mentioned he wouldn't put his return address on the label so it couldn't be traced. Then he said "well, I think I might just send cash." Sorry man, that cash won't likely make it here.

Not too longer after, I get this other lady. She wants to drive down here to pick something up. We are a good nine hour drive from her, and when she gets here we'll have to pay sales tax, which is about twice what shipping would be. After hearing this I just said "So, you're going to drive nine hours, spend countless dollars in gas, stay the night in a hotel, pay local sales tax, and then drive back so you don't have to pay shipping - do I have that right?" Basically, she was attempting to save some money, but was spending about three times the cost of shipping. She didn't seem to think this was a bad deal.

In both cases, these people didn't want to give sensitive credit card information over the phone. You're kidding right? Let's think about this seriously - if you want to pay with a credit card, am I supposed to read the number from your mind?

Well, it is just about time to watch qualifying. I'm going to chill some Miller Lite for the weekend in case Rusty Wins. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 05, 2004

The office whiner

You know, every office has one and we all know who it is. If you don't know - you're probably it. We have one of the worst office whiners I've ever seen in my life. When she speaks, it's like fingers on a chalk board. She even went as far a few weeks ago as to say if someone wanted her job they could have it, because she didn't care if they fired her or not. Why do people say that? If your job sucks that much - quit! Anyway, our office whiner got me into trouble yesterday. It would seem I missed one step in a transaction here that makes about two minutes of extra work for her. Now, if you ask her - she's the only one in the building that does any work - ever. So, she complains to the point that I get yelled at by both my boss and her boss. To me - this is crazy. I've been here almost two years, and I think this is the first time I'm done this. We do have some people that have yet to learn it, and they've been here longer than I have. Personally, I think making an example of me was wasted - all it really did was piss me off. I know, probably neither boss wanted to yell at me and I'm sure they had to. I just think it sucks that we let the most annoying person on the planet dictate who gets in trouble. There are thousands of people in this world that can accept the faults of others, knowing they have their own faults, and move on. Then there are those that think they have no faults and spend extra time pointing out the faults of others. This is where the office whiner comes in. They have no faults, and without them - the place couldn't stay in business. I'm pretty sure places of business don't cirlce around one person. If they do, they're certain to fail. Maybe one day, the office whiner will figure this out. Somehow I doubt it, and I imagine they'll even run for office - John Kerry is.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

People only hear what they want to hear.

So, I'm at the post office here recently, and I see this very annoying lady that works out at the same gym I do. As usual, she pretends no one else is in the room. This gnome of an old lady is probably one of the most rude people I have ever met. I would suspect she's from Canada and sports a John Kerry Flip Flop - Oops! - I meant to say sticker - on her car. She's so rude that I was using a machine the other day and she comes over and says "I need to use this space right here, and I'm going to need to use it now. Okay?" Well, it wasn't okay but it was way too early in the morning to be rude to an old lady. She only needed the spot I was in so she could see herself to curls (with no weight) in the mirror. Now that you have some background - back to the story at hand. She's at the post office, and she needs a voter registration form. The guy behind the counter says "I'm sorry, we normally have them but we're out of them. They probably won't deliver anymore until tomorrow or the next day." Somehow, this doesn't phase her at all. She looks right back at the man and says "Well, I need one." I guess she expected him to pull it out of his ass - I don't know. He apologized again, and he honestly didn't have one. There wasn't really anything he could do - if you don't have one, you just don't have one. She stood there waiting for someone to go get her one. Seeing she was holding up the line - the manager came out to see what the problem was, and even called the voting commission to make sure they were bringing them out. The manager then told her that the voting commission would bring them out first thing in the morning. I started to think this woman was deaf, but maybe because she's old she thinks everyone owes her something. She responded by really saying "So, what do I do now? I NEED a voter registration card." Then, she figures it out, and makes it seem like it was her idea so she says "Well, it doesn't look like you guys have one, so I'm going to go down to the voting commission and get on there." I almost started applauding. I suppose she thought if she stood there long enough they would give in and hand her one. What part of 'they don't frickin have one' didn't she understand? Honestly people - no means no. If you order a hamburger at a restaurant and they're out of them - don't force the issue. What you get might look like a hamburger but I can assure you it will not be.